One small step at a time: January Cure

Which drawer will receive treatment today?
Which drawer will receive treatment today?

{ Assignment #5: Drawer Clearout }

When organizing is in bite-sized chunks we want to do more of it, says the Cure.  And they’re right.  Assignment #5 was to choose one drawer and clean it.

I emptied, sorted, cleaned, organized, outboxed (for donation), recycled, and tossed out items out of one, and only one, drawer.  It felt fabulous.  I tackled one of the drawers in the TV console that holds our cords, adapters, and more.  With each year comes new technologies and new cords, sizes, and the desire to hold onto a cord that you just-may-need.  It was perfect time to see if there were duplicates, find extra memory cards that we could have used last week, and find disposable cameras with shots left.


This is what the drawer looked like to start with things tossed in, cords beyond belief, and a severe lack of knowing what is beneath the surface.



I found a bunch of old technology in the drawer including disposable cameras with some photos left to take:



I also found a computer manual from 2004 that had information on “the freedom and flexibility of your new wireless world”




And my result:




There’s still time to join the January Cure.  How’s the Cure going?  Is anything holding you back?

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