5 simple reasons I’m writing to you now

Last year I travelled ‘out west’ to visit my brother and his family. I had not seen them in many years and it was great to catch up, and to be part of their daily lives for that brief stay. I was able to see what life was like, share in memories at the ballpark and playground, and see my nephews (one of which was an infant).

During that visit my sister-in-law, Nicole, wanted to know what life was like in the city. She wanted to know if we had parks, what we did for fun, how did we go grocery shopping without a car. Nicole hasn’t been the only one to ask such questions, I get them frequently. While at a conference in Texas this past year the questions kept coming; and not just with life, but also recommendations, and assorted sundry. You may even have questions:  what life is like in Washington, DC / a big city / on the East Coast.


Five Reasons I’m Starting this Blog

  • People have asked
    …and I’m delivering! Many people have asked for me to start a blog or share my thoughts, and I’m going to!
  • Connect with family and you
    I want to stay connected with family better. When my sister-in-law asked ‘what life was like in DC’ I realized that I need to be better at connecting. I think that this format is conducive and will help with this effort.Social media does help with this too, so be sure to connect.

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  • Share life in our Nation’s Capital
    Living in a city is indeed different than in the suburbs or country. Living in the District of Columbia is another thing altogether!
  • Offer insight on Washington, DC and places further afield
    I’ve been in the District on-and-off since 2001. My brother-in-law, Dan, says that I choose the best restaurants, and he always asks for insight when he passes-thru. I’ve helped friends with moving or relocating to Washington, DC. I’d love to share this advice with a broader audience.
  • Inspiration, life-hacks, advice
    Small space living. Car free life. Best basic flat black shoes that you can walk 3-miles in without issue. That’s me! And more!
What do you want to hear about? Do you need a Washingtonian-in-your-pocket for an upcoming trip? Ask away!

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