“Fill in the blank” day: January Cure

My “fill in the blank” task is just beyond that door… the bedroom!

{ Assignment #9: Begin work on your selected project }

Our next January Cure assignment is to revisit the project we selected after our 10-minute quiet room observation and “move it forward.”  If we can complete the assignment, that’s wonderful.  If we can start the assignment, that’s wonderful.  If we can make little or big strides, that’s wonderful.  It’s all about the momentum.

I won’t be able to finish my selected project, the bedroom, on this “fill in the blank” day.  I will be able to move the project forward, and hopefully make an improvement that will be noticeable to my husband (which is my aim with this project).

For those who were able to complete their selected project, the Cure suggested that they catch up on any other projects they may be behind on (such as my pantry; I’m still chugging away!).


Going in to work on the bedroom.


Is there a home improvement project that you need to make strides on, whether they are little or big strides?

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