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Halfway home: January Cure

what fools

{ Assignment #10: The 10-minute task to keep you on track }

Exhilarated.  Excited.  Accomplished.  Strong emotions that I feel right now after completing this task.  I’m not even kidding.  We are nearly half-way to the end of the January Cure.  My house, especially the kitchen (thanks to the pantry reorganization), is in a bit of disarray, but I’m working towards the goal of getting my home improved.  Improved, not perfect.

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“Fill in the blank” day: January Cure

My “fill in the blank” task is just beyond that door… the bedroom!

{ Assignment #9: Begin work on your selected project }

Our next January Cure assignment is to revisit the project we selected after our 10-minute quiet room observation and “move it forward.”  If we can complete the assignment, that’s wonderful.  If we can start the assignment, that’s wonderful.  If we can make little or big strides, that’s wonderful.  It’s all about the momentum.

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An Inside or Out Plan: January Cure

The cleanest the refrigerator will be all year!

{ Assignment #6: A Realistic Kitchen Refresh }

This past weekend, starting on Friday, the January Cure had us focus on two things: flowers and kitchen.

Each Friday the Cure calls for flowers to be brought into the home.  The idea is that we should brighten up and enjoy our home, and flowers are an inexpensive environment enhancer.

As for the kitchen, this year we had to pick the “inside or out track.”  Meaning, we had to pick whether or not we would focus on the inside organizing or the outside cleaning. 

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Home organizing secret weapon: January Cure


{ Assignment #4: The Outbox! }

The Outbox has helped me immensely with my behavior towards material goods, and has helped me with detachment.  I need to detach from things.  That’s for certain.  Detaching from things is good for me, good for my relationship with my husband, good for our small home, and good to keep greed and consumerism at bay. 

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One simple step to a healthier year: January Cure


{ Assignment #3: Purge the Pantry }

I knew it was coming. Tuesday. I saw it on the January Cure calendar. I was excited and dreaded it at the same time. PANTRY day. This is one major trouble spot in my house.  It looks worse than it is.  The pantry is like a game of Jenga, items are not packed in but placed haphazardly throughout and tossed-in, and last week something presumably from the top came crashing down.

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One hour to a better home: January Cure




{ Assignment #2: Make a list of projects }

Today’s January Cure assignment was simple and important: create a list of trouble spots in each room; items that need a good cleaning, de-cluttering, or re-organization.  After writing down all of the issues, spend a moment to go through the list and select a few items from each room that would really make an improvement to the function or feeling of the room.

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The Cure Begins: January Cure 2016


{ Assignment #1: Flowers & Floors }

The January Cure, a month long home organization effort, begins with buying flowers and cleaning the floors.  When I first started the Cure four years ago, I thought that this was a bit ridiculous.  We should buy flowers after the space is clean, and clean the floors close-to-last, as they will get dirty well before the end of the month.  After reading

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